Prefiled Bill Topics for 2024

Kathleen reviews the 2024 NM Legislative Session at M'Tucci's RR luncheon meeting

Appropriation–Secretary of State to convene a county redistricting task force

Healthcare Employment–personal care services in the medicaid program

Libraries–prohibit the banning of books based on partisan or doctrinal reasons

Human Rights–amending the human rights act to include income source.

Property-requiring 55% Owner Occupancy in Condos; requiring 35% of members in a managing HOA condo board to own and occupy units in the condo.–

Housing–housing subsidies for licensed medical providers in NM who are working three-quarters time or more

Taxation – GRT deduction for home environmental modification services for medicaid recipients

Medicaid–increase environmental modification benefit amount

Governmental Conduct Act– amending quid pro quo corruption and other changes