Campaigns cost money

It is a fact of life that campaigns cost money.
Typically, a campaign for the New Mexico State Legislature costs about $100,000, sometimes more. Just to design, print, and mail candidate literature to 5000 households costs about $3000 for each mailing. A simple lawn sign cost about $12; a banner runs $100.

Television, radio, print, and digital advertising is very expensive, running into the thousands of dollars. Our campaign management staff (manager, volunteer coordinator, treasurer) work very hard for modest recompense: the whole team is paid about $1000 per month all together.

Campaigns run for many months, so all these expenses repeat themselves many times.

We believe in transparency and in supporting New Mexico’s economy

We are careful with expenditures. We account for our monies responsibly and honestly, maintaining transparency and conforming to the spirit as well as to the letter of the law on campaign finances.

We contribute to the local economy. The majority of our campaign business goes to New Mexico providers, especially to union-run shops whenever possible.

Our opponents have vast reserves.

Our opponents have a huge war chest before the campaign year even begins. Most of their contributions come from large corporations, many of which have out-of-state headquarters, whose interests may not align at all with the public good or with what New Mexico citizens want.

Your donation makes a difference!

No matter how big or how small, your donation makes a difference! Please donate what you can as often as you can.

But it’s not just dollars that when elections. We welcome in-kind donations of goods and services. These in-kind donations have their own reporting requirements, so please speak with the campaign manager to learn how to make such a donation.

Volunteers offer invaluable support for many activities, from canvassing precincts to working on phone banks. Please sign up to volunteer.